Beginning Your Spiritual Journey: How to Find a Spiritual Purpose

March 1, 2019
Beginning Your Spiritual Journey How to Find a Spiritual Purpose


Do you ever have a nagging sense inside that there’s more to life? Do you feel a kind of loneliness even when you’re among people you love? Do you ever ask yourself what is the purpose of life?

That desire inside for something more— something more real, satisfying, and meaningful—can actually be your soul calling to you. The soul often expresses itself through deep, almost unconscious feelings. Deep loneliness can be a symptom of not being in touch with the part of you that is most essential and eternal. Some people say this loneliness is a natural part of life, representing the soul’s desire to connect with the greater universal energy field.

Living With Purpose

But how can you start living with purpose? How can you connect with your soul and with the universe? How can you have your own spiritual awakening?

It starts with quieting your mind, emotions, and the distractions of the body, so that you can listen to your soul. The soul is said to reside in your heart (or more precisely, your heart chakra). It’s always there, calling to you, waiting for you to listen. It knows your life’s purpose and what you need to be truly happy and satisfied. If we learn to listen to the voice of our soul we can design our lives around its wisdom. The way to a life that is colorful instead of gray, a life in which you look forward to getting up in the morning, is to have an intimate, steady relationship and dialogue with your soul.

How else can you listen to your soul?

Once you start listening to your soul’s voice, you’ll find that besides connecting with you, it really wants to connect with universal energy—what Body & Brain Yoga’s founder, Ilchi Lee, has dubbed Chunji-kiun (heaven and earth energy circulating). Body & Brain yoga exercises and workshops, especially Finding True Self and Healing Chakras, are designed to help you take the next steps in this process. They can help you open up to yourself and connect with something bigger.

What Does it Feel like to Have a Spiritual Awakening & Connect to Your Soul?

You may have felt something like a spiritual awakening before. The difference is that a true spiritual awakening is not fleeting, it is rooted in the deepest sincerity and truth, and a desire for connection. Great love, a passion for giving, and your greatest creativity all flow from an open heart. The bright, strong energy of your soul makes everything inside and outside of you also appear brighter and more hopeful. With a sparkle in your eyes, a smile on your lips, a lightness in your step, and the determination to overcome any obstacles as you work for your purpose, you can inspire others easily.

From where you’re at now, this might seem like an idealistic assumption. But, even though it seems far away, it is achievable according to simple energy principles. Many books and teachers throughout history have talked about how the essence of the universe is inside of us. But until you can experience a dramatic change in your energy, allowing you to connect all three aspects of yourself (mind, body, and spirit), you may not realize how real a possibility this is.

Changing your energy can change the way you think, feel, and live. Conversely, changing the way you think, feel, and live can change your energy, and it can change the world. That’s why it’s so important to look within yourself and connect with your soul and life purpose. The world needs the best and brightest version of you just as much as you do!