The Pineal Gland and ShinMyung - Your Brightness Revealed

February 7, 2019
The Pineal Gland and ShinMyung Your Brightness Revealed


If you're familiar with some of the hot topics around meditation and consciousness, you may have heard a lot about the pineal gland. What is this gland and why is it so important?

The Pineal Gland

According to , the Pineal gland is “Located near the center of the brain... [it] is a very small organ shaped like a pine cone (which is where it gets its name). It’s reddish-gray and about 1/3 inch long. Pineal cells and neuroglial cells (which support the pineal cells) mainly comprise the gland.”

Location of the Pineal Gland

Although a lot is known scientifically, the pineal gland is still somewhat of a mystery. According to the , "Even in the early 21st century, when sophisticated molecular techniques were available for biological study, fundamental features of the gland—including the extent of the effects of its principal hormone, melatonin—remained incompletely understood."

Body & Brain Founder Ilchi Lee has suggested that through simple techniques you can become more aware of the energy and power in your pineal gland. One of the techniques he teaches is called Brain Education Healing Point (BHP) training. BHP training is a simple and easy way to activate the power of the brain to release blockages. It involves finding and pressing sensitive points around the head, hands, and feet to stimulate the flow of energy. It's like acupressure, but you don't need to worry about learning the specifics of what each point is called or connected to. Simply by paying attention to what your body sensations while applying gentle pressure, you can figure out what your body needs.

BHP training is just one technique for activating your brain power, but it exemplifies what Body & Brain is all about. Better health is not only the result of complicated tests, drug treatments, and medical techniques. These things have their place, but there’s also a great benefit to regularly practicing simple self-care techniques like BHP. Whether it’s going for a walk each day, attending a yoga class 2 or 3 times per week, or any number of other activities, your body benefits from staying active.

Awaken Your ShinMyung

But there’s more to be gained from Body & Brain practices like BHP, , and meditation than just a healthier body. By interacting with your body in positive, mindful ways, you can also improve your emotional and even spiritual condition. In Korean, the term ShinMyung refers to the brightened state of consciousness and spirituality that we can achieve through dedicated training.

But let's not forget that even spirituality is experienced through the brain. Our brains are intricately linked to the whole body and information travels in both directions. Obviously, our bodies are affected by our brains and our brains are also very much affected by our bodies. It's fair to say that heightened consciousness is also something that can be developed by working with, rather than trying to escape the body.

If you’re interested in learning more about practical ways to activate your pineal gland and experience “ShinMyung,” please inquire about any upcoming Brain Education ShinMyung Festivals with Ilchi Lee . This Brain Education Festivals are a great opportunities to experience BHP, Pineal Gland Training, and more with Body & Brain Founder and Brain Education creator Ilchi Lee.

Before attending this event, please be sure to read the book and contact a Body & Brain center near you to get details.

We're looking forward to seeing you there!