Energy Healing Course - My Experience

November 5, 2019
Energy Healing Course My Experience


Have you ever wondered about energy healing? Does it really work, and can everybody benefit from it?

We recently asked Body & Brain member Laurie Urbancik, from the center in Northbrook, Illinois, to share about her experience at the Body & Brain Energy Healing Course (EHC).

The EHC is a one-week program that introduces energy self-healing for anyone to learn and apply in their own lives. Let’s see what Laurie said about her experience!

BNB: Why did you decide to take the Energy Healing Course?

LU: “Working with my own energy was critical for my healing. I’ve been working with a number of practitioners to help me address my physical symptoms. I really felt strongly that I needed to get closer to my own energy and get a feel for my own energy, that was going to help me help myself. Because Body & Brain is so helpful with guidance and a great atmosphere at programs, I knew going to a retreat was going to enrich the experience.”

BNB: What was the Energy Healing Course like for you?

LU: “I knew I was going to enjoy it and benefit from it, and it exceeded my expectations. The atmosphere created by the instructors was loving, oriented towards growing, and the expertise of the instructors helped me get in touch with my energy and work with it… I loved it, it was thrilling, exhilarating… The group sharing exercises and partner exercises were effective for helping us learn in different ways.”

BNB: How would you describe the feeling of energy to someone who has never experienced it?

LU: “I describe it as a flow or current that, when I get quiet; when I can remove all the distractions that I'm bombarded with all around me, I can feel. It’s that sensation that I would describe as a flow or a current. It’s palpable. My skin or parts of my body will tingle as I feel the energy moving.”

BNB: What changes did you experience?

LU: “I was in tune and feeling energy from beginning to end… I feel so much more deeply/internally relaxed and peaceful. I feel my heart is more compassionate and open and full of peace, love, and joy. And this is truly the best sleep that I’ve gotten- since the workshop ended- every night, in years...We owe it to ourselves to give ourselves precious time each day to work with our energy.”

BNB: What was the most surprising part of the course?

LU: “The most surprising thing for me was just how immediately impactful it was to work with energy. It surprised me that it can be that quick!”

BNB: What was your favorite part of the course?

LU: “The fun and loving attitude that all of the course instructors brought every day. Every day! ...One of my other favorites was when we did the exercises to really make sure we were loose and open: sleeping tiger, knee bouncing, hip bouncing & other variations… Having time to process and reflect with people, it really enriched the experience.

And I want to give a plug to the (the retreat center where the program was held) dining hall, they have such tasty & nutritious food that it really helped me stay energized and enjoy the program more.”

BNB: Can you share what you’ve told other people about the Energy Healing Course?

LU: “I look back on the Energy Healing Course as a pivotal moment in my life. It can change your life. There’s no way someone could put themselves in that good environment and not change their life.”

For more information about the Body & Brain Energy Healing Course or contact a Body & Brain center near you.

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